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By Lena Tricolici

September 02nd, 2020


10 Things You Should
Never Do With Your VR Headset

Every solicitous headset owner (I know, you are one of them), should know what things are better to avoid when exercise in VR. Knowing all don’ts you will prolong the life of your gadget and have more confidence when your headset is on you.

#1. DO NOT Play In VR With Makeup

Never put on the headset when you have heavy makeup. I advise you not to have any makeup at all. Cleaning face before exercising is an easy-to-acquire habit, it is good for your skin and this is an important part of the headset care routine.

Even the lightest makeup can leave stains on the headset material, and it can be very hard to wash it off.

Be especially careful with facial skincare products like foundation, BB cream, and concealers, it is easy to forget you have it on your face, and it can be extremely hard to remove the stains.

Hygiene is especially important if you share the headset with your friends or family members. Sharing a dirty headset can cause skin irritation and inflammation; that's why you should always keep it clean and use a VR cover if you share the gadget.

cleaning Oculus Quest

To clean out the headset, use a non-alcoholic wipe. It is safe for the headset foam.

For the cloth part of the headset, get a microfiber cloth with a tiny amount of soapy water, and rub the headset gently.

#2. DO NOT Put On The Headset If You Are Drunk

Playing VR when you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs is very. VERY dangerous. The easiest thing that can happen is that you can forget about the time. The worst thing is that you can fall, hurt yourself, and over-exhaust yourself if you are playing fitness games.

#3. DO NOT Skip Warm-up

"Warm-up is not necessary if you play VR fitness games." "You need warm-up only if you lift weights at the gym or run on the treadmill." - There are many VR fitness game players who think so. Is that right? Not really.

VR fitness games provide an intense cardio workout. It can be as intense - and sometimes even more intense than running on the treadmill or playing tennis. To not get an injury like straining a tendon, take your 5-minute warm-up and stretching before you hit the Play button.


A good VR workout doesn't end when you put off the headset. It ends with stretching and cool-down exercises.

It doesn't have to be long; even 5 minutes can be game-changing. Cool-down exercises will let you prevent muscle soreness, reduce the risk of trauma, and boost your flexibility.

#4. DO NOT Wear The "Wrong" Clothes

What are the go-to clothes you put on when exercising in VR? Is it sportswear, or maybe a dress or a suit you come home in after work? This question may seem senseless, but only until you discover that the proper clothing may be crucial in VR fitness.

Whether you spend 20 minutes or 2 hours exercising in VR, this is the time when your mind is distracted by the game. You may feel the discomfort only when you put the headset off. If the T-shirt rubs on the skin, if the sport bra juts in your back during the game, you subconscious may deduct that the exercising is not as pleasant. The next time you will reluctantly return to this game. That's why it is so important to care for your body comfort while you are playing.

The best solution is to play in a comfortable sportswear.

A girl with a fitness equipment

What makes clothing good for VR workout?

  • It is stretchable.
  • You should be able to move freely in it.
  • It should support your body.
  • It should let your body breathe. Because when you work out, you sweat a lot.

Now look down, please. If you can see your toes, don't hurry to put on the headset. Put on a pair of comfy sport shoes. While many people got used to playing VR without any shoes, it increases the risk of injury, especially if you squat and jump a lot.

A girl is tying her shoelaces

VR exercising means you do a lot of fast, spontaneous movements. Sneakers will enable you to safely perform quick direction changes and stabilize your foot, reducing the risk of trauma.

#5. DO NOT Exercise Near The Breakable Objects

Of course, if you do not aim to get rid of an old TV.

As luck would have it, the biggest playspace in our apartments is often a place near TV or monitor. But if you have a choice - 2m in the bedroom without TV or 3m in the living room with TV, choose the bedroom. Because it is safer.


Don't ignore the guardian system settings. It will protect you from hitting on the objects around.

Note! Some free VR fitness games don't support the guardian system. Before starting your workout, try to trespass the guardian borderline to check whether it is on.

#6. DO NOT Play Without Fixing The Straps Over Your Wrists

I will be honest with you; I often do not wrap the straps properly. Until this day, I have never lost or broken the controllers, but if I keep playing without straps, sooner or later, this will happen. That's why I teach myself to fix the straps. And I strongly recommend you to do it as well!

adjusting Oculus Quest 2 straps

#7. DO NOT Use Weights
(Especially If You Are A Beginner)

I keep seeing comments about using weights while exercising in VR. Wearing weights on your wrists, arms, or ankles, you get insignificant benefits. But the risk of injury skyrockets. The whimsical, spontaneous motions that many VR games suggest make it a bad combination with weights.

The majority of VR games provide a fast-paced cardiovascular workout. It is a perfectly balanced dose of fitness you get without any additional equipment. Bodyweight VR workouts amazingly build resistance, tone muscles, and help in weight loss.

If we compare VR fitness with other sports, it is more like tennis or running, not like powerlifting. You can notice that runners and tennis players do not use weights for their workouts. And their muscles are still very strong and beautiful. To get a toned, healthy body, all you need is to exercise in VR regularly.

#8. DO NOT Start A New Game From The "Expert" Level

Good reaction time, great physical shape and perfect memory. Having these features, you will quickly become a Pro in VR fitness games. But even if you are a №1 player, learning a new game takes time. Don't feel shy to start from the easy level, even if all your friends are expert+ players.

Making a perfect strike is great, but VR fitness (like any other sport) is about consistency, not how many points you get. Don't focus on the level. Focus on the fun you get. Just enjoy the process, and you will get there!

This is why I adore VR - it is good for everyone, whether you are an athlete or a couch fan!

#9. DO NOT Leave The Headset Under Sunlight

Where is your headset right now? Did you hide it away from sunlight? If you did, great! If not, it is a good idea to do it right now. The lenses of the headset, when exposed to sunlight, can be easily damaged. Repairing them is an expensive and tedious process. It is safer to make it a habit of always keeping the headset away from the sun rays.

How much sunlight is enough to damage the VR headset? You can never be sure. In some cases several seconds is enough to get the lenses burned. For example, when you pulled back the curtains to enjoy the sun while the headset is on the windowsill.

To protect your headset remember the following:

  • Don't set the headset down near the window.
  • Don't take it outside without covering the lenses.
  • Store it in a closet, in a special case or inside its original box.

#10. DO NOT Forget To Recharge It

What can be more frustrating than when you are thrilled to play, and the headset is - OH NO!... It's discharged.

To recharge a VR headset, use the cable that goes in the package. A fully charged headset lasts over 2-3 hours. It depends on the brightness you set and how intensely you use it.

To recharge the controllers, you would need 2 AA-batteries. One for each controller.


Use rechargeable batteries. It will save you a buck, and will save the planet.

These are 10 DON'ts in VR fitness. Now you know what things will prolong the life of your amazing headset and what things to avoid to make your VR experience fruitful. Take care of your VR gadget, exercise in virtual reality, and have fun!

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