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July 20th, 2020


How To Workout Legs In VR: Tips And Tricks

You play Beat Saber, BoxVR and VRWorkout, your arms have been getting perfectly worked out, but your legs are still fine. This is the moment when you start googling - is VR a good workout? Can I exercise legs with VR?

VR fitness games have a leg-killing potential if you use a few smart tricks. Explore how to target your legs and glutes so that it will be hard for you to walk the next day.

How to workout your legs in Beat Saber

Beat Saber was created with fitness in mind, and it lets you be creative in your exercising. Majority of Beat Saber songs are designed to work out your arms and abs, but there are some tips on how to engage your legs:


Have you ever seen the legs of a dancer? Lifted buttocks, slim and strong legs, firm muscles. Dancing does wonders at burning leg fat and strengthening leg muscles. Beat Saber is a rhythm game, and this means you CAN DANCE. Duh, it's easy to get distracted while you are slicing the beats, but hey, today is a leg workout. Move your legs to the rhythm of the song. Bounce, jump, dance, squat!

Dancing while playing Beat Saber

Beat Saber walls are your friends

Squatting and dodging is your carte blanche to work out your legs. Don't cheat on squats and dodges. Instead of ducking your head when the top wall comes, perform a deep squat, and hold the posture for at least several seconds, making a static squat hold.

deep squat in Beat Saber VR


To intensify your VR leg workout, go to the game settings, and adjust the player height. Set a lower height than you actually have, so that the beats and walls would fly on the lower level. It will force you to play in a semi squatted position and make your squats deeper as you will want to avoid hitting the walls.

Go to Gameplay Setup and click on Player Settings:

player height settings in Beat Saber - step one

Turn off automatic player height:

player height settings in Beat Saber - step two

Make a squat and set a lower player height:

player height settings in Beat Saber - step three

How to workout your legs in BoxVR

Choose the right workout length.

What BoxVR workout seems to be more intense? A short or a long one? The correct answer will probably surprise you. Short 7- and 10-minute workouts in BoxVR often are much more intense than 30- and 1-hour workouts.

Short box workouts are based on High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). That implies short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with small recovery periods, which works 10/10 for burning fat in the problem areas.

Many short BoxVR workouts are literally stuffed with squads, dodges, jumps, and punches, which makes your leg workout MEGA intense.

Here are my fave short BoxVR workouts that give me spaghetti legs:

short BoxVR workout

My Time By Jodie. 7-minute workout. During this short fast-tempo workout, you will squat and dodge almost non-stop. To enhance the effect, repeat it 2-3 times until your legs start burning.

Punch and slide By Jono. 7-minute workout. This short box workout is full of dodges, squats, and punches. When there is a horizontal bar flying on you, drop down in a deep squat. To kill your legs, you can also make a semi-squat when dodging the 45-degree bars.

Electric zone By LJ. 8-minute workout. Electric zone By LJ. 8-minute workout. Electric zone is a leg workout blast in BoxVR. The combination of quickly flying horizontal bars and balls forces you to squat and dodge in a god-mode tempo. Before playing this workout, warm-up your knees properly, as the continuous fast-pace squats throw down a challenge to leg muscles and ligaments.

Get It Done. 29-minute workout. If a series of short high-intensity workouts seems too hard, switch to Get It Done workout. While this class is not as intense as short BoxVR sessions, it still offers a lot of squats and dodges for your bum and legs.

How to workout your legs in VRWorkout

While VRWorkout is a relatively new game, it is already rated high by VR fitness lovers. The game features circle training workouts and engages multiple muscle groups, including legs and glutes. Another advantage of this game is that it uses hand-tracking. Playing this fitness game without controllers, you get the freedom to move and exercise almost in the same way you do in real life.

The game allows you to build a unique combination of exercises, including squats, jumps, running in place, and burpees. Wanna fit and toned legs and buttocks? Then you should never neglect these 3 basic exercises in VRWorkout:


making squats in vrworkout vr fitness game

The game provides a combination of shallow and deep squats with different duration and frequency. VRWorkout squats are pretty good in making your leg muscles toned, while the process remains pretty pleasurable and non-exhausting. Since you regularly switch exercises during the game and get distracted on the game process, you will give your legs a good portion of squats without any soreness, boredom, or discomfort.

Running in place

running in vrworkout vr fitness game

Turn on the Running option if you want to burn more calories. Running in place doesn't provide all the benefits of running, but the level of intensity and calorie burning is almost the same. The game features a speed tracker, which is very motivating as you will always wanna beat your previous record and run faster.


Fast and energetic jumps do wonders in giving your legs the insta-level perfection. All you need is to jump higher. You can set a higher player height in the game settings. So the game will push you to jump higher to strike the bonus.

How to workout your legs in Hot Squat

As the name suggests, the squats are really hot in this amazing fitness game. But there is always a way to make it even hotter.

Is there a friend whose legs are stronger than yours? It's time to show them who is better - start a squat competition! To boost your motivation for an intense leg day workout, play Hot Squats in a multiplayer mode. Whether you compete with your friend, or there is an unknown SquatNinja80 you are competing with, your squats will be more enthusiastic and calorie-burning if there is someone you can win.

a girl is making semi-squat in VRWorkout fitness game

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