By Lena Tricolici

December 1st, 2020


3 FREE FitXR-like Oculus Quest games to knock-out passive lifestyle

FitXR is rad, but even if you like caviar, every now and then you may be in the mood for a hamburger. Explore 3 FitXR games that are for free, but they can definitely whet your appetite for VR fitness and will help you to keep active lifestyle.

The words "FitXR" and "Luxury" stand side by side. This VR game has impressive graphics, immersive workouts led by professionals, and a lot of play settings. What else can a player want? However, there are many reasons why you may want an alternative. Some players don't like the game after the update. Some cannot forgive FitXR for its dark gym environment. Others don’t like the new power-based strike system.

And even if FitXR is your go-to VR fitness game, it's always exhilarating to try something new.

So let’s explore 3 free VR fitness games whose logic is similar to FitXR. Some are almost as good as FitXR; some are a one-night-stand option - or better to say evening ;), but if you are a fan of FitXR, you must play them all at least once.


All 3 games are for free. You can download them from SideQuest and it won’t cost you a cent.


Hitstream VR fitness game

Hitstream is a fast-paced arcade game with the logic similar to FitXR. You will box in rhythm with adrenaline-pumping music, hit the balls flying on you, and dodge the walls.

Outdoor environments are what make your VR session unforgettable. No more dusty dark gyms - in Hitstream you play above the mountains, oceans, and green fields. If you have played Supernatural, the atmosphere in this game is pretty similar. But once again, Hitstream is for free while Supernatural will cost you $19 per month.

The game features a 360-degree play mode. It can be quite tricky to react when the balls fly from different parts, but it perfectly involves your legs and develops a reaction.

Now Hitstream offers one class for training and 6 workout classes. Each class has a unique outdoor environment, fitness intensity, and length.

Unlike FitXR, this VR game doesn’t force you to hit the ball with all your power, it is more about speed and reaction. The system rewards you when you hit harder, but you will get some points even if you touch the orbs without punching them hard. The most important is to hit the orb according to the direction arrows - and this makes us think that Hitstream has a lot in common with Beat Saber.

Let's sum up:


Hitstream will impress you with its beautiful design, workout intensity and the variety of environments.

Tower Workout

Tower Workout VR fitness game

Tower Workout is a boxing-inspired workout for high-intensity fitness. Like in FitXR, you will hit the cubes and dodge the walls flying on you. The same like FitXR, the game involves all the classic boxing elements like cross, hook, punches, squats, steps, and dodges.

As the developers warn the game intensity may be too high for beginners as the game was created to train martial artists. As far as am not a martial artist, this Workout has become a real challenge for me.

If you think that the orbs in FitXR fly too fast, you probably haven't played Tower Workout! The speed of the blocks is enormous. The cubes fly like crazy, the speed of walls throws your reaction a real challenge. If you dream about weight loss in a short time or need a good shakeup, this game perfectly does the trick. The game is also good for stretching your muscles because some of the cubes are flying from the opposite sides. When you try to hit them, you stretch your torso muscles and train your flexibility.

The main idea of the game is really what excites me. You are standing on the top of a tower, which is getting higher as long as you make good strikes. The highest level of the tower is 10 meters - almost a 5-storey building! Once you reach the maximum point, you feel yourself a real winner standing on the top of the world.

After exercising in Hitstream, with its nature-inspired, sunny environment, the design of Tower Workout seems ominous, with those skulls painted on the walls, dark background, and gothic pictures following the music tracks. On the other hand, this is what gives this game its unique charm. The design inspires the combative spirit of a player, and the atmosphere broadcasts you a message: This battle is not a joke.

The game menu has a plethora of settings, which is confusing when you enter the game the first time. But once you get the grip on how to set the game up to your wish, you get endless variations in workouts.

Let's sum up:


Despite the difficulty, this VR game is worth trying even if you are an amateur. And of course, if you are into martial arts, this should be your cup of tea. From all the games listed today, Tower Workout is the most intense game.


BMSFitness VR game

BMSFitness is another FitXR-like boxing game launched by a Japanese developer in May 2020.

While FitXR and HitStream have a more neutral design, BMSfitness has a specific anime-inspired genre. If you are a fan of manga, anime, and Japanese music, you must like this funny game.

Cartoon girls in the background, anime music tracks and Japanese voice-over make you totally immersed in the atmosphere of anime.

This game has one essential feature that is no longer available in FitXR - custom music. While FitXR has removed custom playlists as a feature, all the music tracks are manually set by a player in BMS fitness.

It, however, brings certain issues - because the game doesn’t have any default tracks. It means you cannot start playing until you add some music tracks in the game folder on your Oculus. (The tracks should have BMS format) Thankfully, the developer attached the list of BMS music tracks that you can freely use. There you will find tons of Japanese music from different anime for any taste.

The game has a few levels of difficulty - Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very hard. I easily passed easy and normal levels. But I couldn't pass Hard and Very hard modes.

I love anime, so I was charmed by the unique atmosphere of this fitness game. Overall, it is not as intense as FitXR, but it still provides a workout.

Let's sum up:


At this level of development, this VR fitness game cannot compete with FitXR. The game now lacks many basic settings, it doesn't have default songs and it has bugs. But it is for free, it has its unique style, and it can be a nice way to spend an evening.


VR industry is growing really fast. Today you can find many game equivalents to your favorite games, and some of them are for free.

Does it mean it is a bad idea to invest money in high-class games like FitXR? No. After playing other FitXR-like games you start missing those refined graphics, user-friendly interface, intense workouts created by professional trainers. No matter how many good analogs the market offers, coming back to FitXR is like turning back home.

But if you are not planning to purchase FitXR for some reason, now you know that you can always find alternatives. Even if you cannot afford paid fitness games, you still can have an amazing workout.

Watch this video and choose which of 3 VR games above you like more:

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