10 Must-Haves For VR Fitness

VR fitness is more than just a game. Your hour in VR (or two - or three) may become the healthiest activity during the day. Pick the best VR accessories to provide your mind and body for maximum comfort.

Here is the ABC list of VR fitness essentials that will take your VR sessions to a whole new level. From the basics such as VR headset to game-changing fitness gadgets - every item in the list is aimed to make your VR workouts as effective as workouts at the gym, hygienic, comfortable, and super fun.

1. Good VR Headset = Great Workout

Millions of people love playing VR games because it is so simple - and so fun! For VR fitness no gym, nor trainer, nor equipment is needed. The one thing you need is to choose the right VR headset and enjoy your favorite games. Playing VR games such as FitXR, Beat Saber, and Pistol Whip, you get an intense workout without even realizing it. VR fitness games are created by fitness and sports specialists, have a thought-out program and intensity levels to provide you with your daily share of fun fitness.

What makes a headset good for a VR workout?

  • It is lightweight
  • It is easy to use
  • It is easy to clean and carry
  • It has an affordable price
  • It supports a wide range of VR fitness games

Why Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR headset for fitness:

  • Oculus Quest 2 is an all-in-one gadget that provides unbelievable freedom in movement. No PC needed for connection, no wires, no fuss.
  • The gadget is delightfully ergonomic and lightweight. Its weight is 503 grams only. Jump, run in place, go and play your favorite games in the yard.
  • Powerful like a beast Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor. It guarantees smooth play, a more realistic environment, and fast game loading.
  • This next-generation headset has a shockingly accessible price. Take 64-GB Oculus Quest 2 for $299 only or take a 256-GB model for $399 and gather a huge collection of your favorite games.
  • Lightweight ergonomic controllers with intuitive and refined button design.

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB.

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 256 GB.
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2. Provide Secure Fixation And Ideal Balance

Punches, jumps, push-ups, running in place - VR fitness games are rich with fast, whimsical moves. When you play, the last thing you want is to adjust the falling-down headset. With Elite Strap, Oculus Quest 2 fits so securely and balanced, like the headset is a part of your body. Now you can fully concentrate on achieving your game goals. Nothing will distract you.

Looking for another strap? Explore this collection of head straps for Oculus Quest 2.

3. Keep It Neat and Clean With a VR Cover

A good VR workout - the same as a traditional one - means a lot of good healthy sweating. That’s why hygiene takes a special place in VR fitness. Ensure maximum hygiene and comfort by using a VR cover. A VR cover is a guard between your face and a headset - it absorbs sweat and dust, keeping your face clean and prolonging the life of your gadget. Play as intensely as you can without worrying about getting the headset wet; share the joy of play with your friends - with a VR cover keeping VR play hygienic is a breeze.

A VR cover will also protect you from the so-called "Oculus face" (those funny rose marks on the cheeks that appear if you play VR non-stop for hours). The ergonomic shape of the cover gently envelops your face protecting the skin from irritation, and gives a luxurious sensation of your head resting on the softest pillow.

Explore all VR covers for Oculus Quest on Amazon.

4. Track Your Progress With A Fitness Tracker For WOW Results

VR games are different; you are unique. By being aware of how your body responds to certain games, rounds, and levels, you can achieve your fitness goals faster. Track your daily VR activity with a fitness tracker. This smart gadget acts like your personal physician recording how a certain fitness game affects your heart rate, how many calories you have burned, and how much you progress in exercising. Learn how to choose the right fitness watch for VR in this article.

Discover more fitness trackers for VR fitness on Amazon.

5. Make Your Hairstyle VR-Fitness-Friendly

Whether your hair length can make Rapunzel blush or it is perky short, hair getting caught in a VR headset won't add fun to the game. Pff, what can be more annoying than to ideally adjust the headset, start the game and find out that one hair is dangling right in the front of the lense? Thankfully, an elastic headband will make almost any hairstyle VR-fitness-compatible.

This lightweight stretchable headband is a little superman that will save you from hair getting out of the way. It is made from no-slip blended material and will always stay in place under the headset, even when you play like a ninja. And don't get me started on how stylish you look with such an accessory!

Dig into all the stylish sweat bands on Amazon.

6. Don't Forget To Hydrate Yourself

While the average norm of water intake is 8 glasses, your body needs more when you have an intense workout in VR. Hey, you say you are going to play FitXR or The Thrill Of The Fight tonight? Then you will need so much more! Duh, I know it is easy to forget about drinking water when you enjoy a captivating VR game. To provide your body with enough liquid, put a bottle of water nearby and drink it in small portions every time you take a break.

Keep this stainless steel bottle in your playroom - it protects temperature for hours, so you can take a refreshing sip every time you catch your breath between the rounds in VR.

Check out all water bottles for VR fitness on Amazon.

7. Care For Lenses and Camera

The lenses and camera are the most delicate parts of the headset, and they need special care and cleaning. To make them squeaky clean without any risk of damage, use a soft microfiber cloth. This premium-class material leaves no scratches, streaks, marks, or lint on your gadget and perfectly removes dust, sweat, and fingerprints.

Keep it clean with more microfiber clothes from Amazon.

8. Keep It Ready For The Play

The battery life of Quest 2 controllers is just unbelievable. I have been using my Quest 2 for almost 3 months daily, and I haven't had to charge the controllers yet. Here is the downside though - it's so easy to forget about that day when you will need a recharger!

To not be caught off guard, keep this battery recharger nearby. Using a battery recharger is an eco-friendly, fast, and easy way to revive rechargeable batteries. Just 3 hours, and you are ready to start a workout.

This Panasonic charger has a led indicator. When the batteries are 100%, the green lights on the device signal - the batteries have never been more ready for a long workout than now!

Peruse all battery chargers on Amazon.

9. Intensify Your Workout with Resistance Bands

Can you use your VR headset for strength training? Yes! While VR is mostly known as a great cardio workout, some games are specially designed to train your endurance and make your muscles grow (Like FitXR, The Thrill Of The Fight, VR Workout). There is also one fitness accessory that turns any VR game into strength training - a resistance band.

A resistance band challenges your muscles to develop increased levels of power and improves your speed. After you remove the band, you will be surprised how fast and powerful your punches are in FitXR and how sharp your slices are in Beat Saber. With a resistance band, every squat becomes more challenging, and this is what will make your muscles stronger.

Dive in this resistance band collection on Amazon.

10. Give Your Hands More Freedom With VR Grips

The round is so exciting; you hold your controllers tight, trying to get the best streak. OH! The controllers are starting to slip around in the wetness of your hands...

Don't let anything stand in your way to victory! Use controller grips - they are designed to strap the controllers securely to your hands and protect the controllers from sweat, hits, and scratches.

Go and pick more VR grips on Amazon.

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