10 best vr fitness games of 2021

By Lena Tricolici

July 1st, 2021


10 BEST VR Fitness games
of 2021 for Oculus Quest

Thousands of people have lost 10-20-50 pounds playing these VR fitness games in 2021. All 10 games presented in this list are true calorie killers; each will make you burn around 400+ kcal an hour. However, the whopping fitness intensity of these VR games is not the only reason that made them get on the TOP.

The true reason why these apps are so effective for fitness is their high replayability. Incredibly catching, super fun, with polished design and music - each of these top-notch VR fitness games will make you wait impatiently for the next session.

1. The Thrill Of The Fight (TOTF)

Rating on Oculus:

#arms #shoulders #core #abs

Price on Oculus: $9.99

Workout type: Aerobic / Strength

Calories burned an hour: 800-900

thrill of the fight vr game cover image

Redeemer21 writes about The Thrill Of The Fight on Oculus.com:

I was weighing in at 227 but now after these intense workouts fighting these fighters I'm at 204...I'm in the best shape I've ever been in the last 15 years thanks to this game.

While immersing you in a world of boxing, The Thrill Of The Fight looks so incredibly realistic, it gives you chills. No jokes, TOTF is the most life-like boxing simulator created in VR ever. If you like boxing, you cannot miss this thrilling fitness game. If you don’t like boxing - I have bad news for you - after playing TOTF, you will start loving it!

How to play:

Enter the arena and battle a furious challenger. Each of the many competitors you will meet has their own boxing styles and techniques which makes it even more exciting.

Why The Thrill Of The Fight is a good workout:

The phenomenon of this VR fitness game is that it cheats your brain. The fight looks and feels so realistic, that your adrenaline rushes and your body prepares for battle. As a result, every dodge and punch you perform with maximum dedication, and therefore, you workout in the beast mode.

  • TIP: TOTF means you‘ll sweat a lot, which is good for you but not for the controllers. Use VR grips to protect them from slipperiness, dirt, and scratches. It makes holding the controllers pure comfort, and the feeling of having the straps on your knuckles provides a super-realistic experience during the fight.

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2. FitXR

Rating on Oculus:


Price on Oculus: $10 a month (subscription-based)

Workout type: HIIT / Aerobic / Strength training

Calories burned an hour: 400-700

Fit-XR cover image

CaptainDRD writes about FitXR on Oculus.com:

This is one of 2 apps that have contributed to losing over 2 and a half stone.

FitXR is an all-in-one virtual fitness club you get in your Oculus headset. Once you subscribe, you get access to various fitness programs, including Boxing, Dance, and HIIT classes. Each day you get a new class, get guidance from FitXR instructors, and you can share the fun of virtual fitness with your friends in a multiplayer.

How to play:

Exercise in FitXR fitness classes; monitor your results in the workout history and set certain calorie-burning goals.

Why FitXR is a good workout:

FitXR's credo is to become a robust alternative to stuffy gyms. All workouts in FitXR are built on a smart score system that encourages you to achieve ultimate fitness results by earning points in the game. FitXR classes arouse your competitive spirit, inspire you to use maximum force, make you move faster without realizing it.

  • TIP: As one of the most intense VR fitness games, FitXR means you will be ending up your workouts in a puddle of sweat. Use a VR cover to protect your headset from water and salt, and enjoy maximum comfort and immaculate hygiene during your sessions.

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3. Audio Trip

Rating on Oculus:


Price on Oculus: $19.99

Workout type: Dance

Calories burned an hour: 500

Audio Trip cover image

KuzzSimons writes about Audio Trip on Oculus.com:

I don’t have an oculus quest... I have an audio trip headset! This game is AMAZING… I burn a crazy amount of calories, sweat a lot, and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Audio Trip name doesn't lie - once you start this VR game, you are taken into a cosmic trip full of pump-up music and fiery dances. Each song in Audio Trip has precise rhythm mapping and a thought-out choreography; the pattern of the moves you are to perform creates a unique breathtaking dance that gives you goosebumps.

How to play:

Dance your way through the cosmic environment and catch gems, ride ribbons, and smash drums. Each move you do will make another bit of your awe-inspiring dance.

Why Audio Trip is a good workout:

The game provides an oooh-so-high intensity cardio workout as you constantly jump to dodge the walls, squat to catch the bottom gems, use your arms to catch the gems flying from the top. Be ready to dance your heart out because the music is so good, and the game environments are so breathtaking!

Along with its cardio effect, the game develops reaction and agility, builds your endurance and coordination.

  • TIP: With Audio Trip, drops of sweat will be trickling down your face in mere 20 minutes. To make your session comfortable, use a sweatband. It will perfectly absorb sweat and make it easy to keep your headset clean.

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4. Pistol Whip

Rating on Oculus:

#legs #full-body

Price on Oculus: $24.99

Workout type: Aerobic

Calories burned an hour: 500

Pistol Whip cover image

theopusfuller writes about Pistol Whip on Oculus.com:

BANG BANG BANG!, firing to the thumping beat.. A smile stretches from ear to ear. I release my whole body to the rhythm of the world...Dodging pillars. Uppercutting enemies. Ducking. Spinning. This is all so natural. AND AMAZING.

Pistol Whip is a VR rhythm game that features a wild combination of an action movie, first-shooter gameplay, and a crazy-hot aerobic workout.

How to play:

Make the gun your best friend and shoot to the rhythm of the music. Dodge enemies' bullets, uppercut the enemies, and get your way through the bullet hell to a slimmer you.

Why Pistol Whip is a good workout:

The next day after you play this VR fitness game, your legs will be shaking. The amount of squats, and jumps you will do to dodge the bullets is everything you need for a killer leg workout.

  • TIP: Turn your controllers into real guns with these stylish Quest 2 accessories and get the most fun out of your VR workouts.

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5. Supernatural

Rating on Oculus:


Price on Oculus: $19.99 a month (subscription based)

Workout type: Aerobic / Strength training

Calories burned an hour: 500

Supernatural vr cover image

EstimatedNate writes about Supernatural on Oculus.com:

I have abs people, abs! I'm seeing veins and muscles I never knew I had. I feel PUMPED during and after my workouts. I have to moderate myself because sometimes I'll want to keep going but I know I should rest my muscles.

The winner of “TIME’s Best Fitness Invention 2020”, Supernatural remains the best subscription-based VR fitness app in 2021. Being wellness and fitness-focused, Supernatural workouts are not as gamified as other fitness apps, but all the classes are pretty engaging and what is most important, are very effective.

How to play:

Swing targets floating toward you with bats in your hands. Catch the rhythm of the music, spin around 360 degrees to reach all the targets.

Why Supernatural is a good workout:

Exercise with no limits with a library consisting of more than 500 workouts, find peace of mind with meditation classes, and improve yourself with stretching workouts; while professional in-app instructors will guide you in your fitness journey.

  • TIP: It is hard to conquer new fitness goals in Supernatural when you are literally burning. Cool off with this ice towel and exercise like a champ even when it’s really hot indoors. Just dumper the towel in cold water and enjoy cooling and fresh sensation for up to 2-3 hours.

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6. Crazy Kung Fu

Rating on App Lab:


Price on App Lab: $9.99

Workout type: Aerobic / Strength training

Calories burned an hour: 400-600

Crazy Kung Fu cover image

DeathsHead247 writes about Crazy Kung Fu on Oculus.com:

This game can make even an old man like me feel like a kung fu champ...Super simple to play yet hard to master. It provides a great workout for all ages.

Put yourself in the shoes of the greatest Kung Fu Master - with this amazing VR fitness game full of the charm of Chinese culture; you can exercise your agility, improve your reflexes, lose tons of calories and shake off stress without attending classes of martial arts.

How to play:

Fight against a wooden training dummy. Use your hands to punch, squat, and jump to dodge the sabers.

Why Crazy Kung Fu is a good workout:

As you go through the levels, the game is getting really challenging; while you are focused on the level, your muscle memory is building, and your quick thinking is improved. The game has you constantly moving and training all kinds of muscles you never knew existed. Crazy Kung Fu does wonders not only in weight loss but also helps to keep joints healthy.

  • TIP: Boost your agility and speed with this boxing resistance band set. Playing regularly with this simple tool is the best way to improve your kicks and learn to control your body balance. In addition, every minute you are using this set, you triple the number of calories you burn in VR.

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7. X-booster

Rating on App Lab:


Price on App Lab: $19.99

Workout type: Aerobic

Calories burned an hour: 400-500

X-Booster vr cover image

SgtRamVRFit1961 writes about X-booster on Oculus.com:

New favorite VR workout! Absolutely the best rhythm game to date... It’s got it all; Own music is definitely a plus.

After FitXR pivoted towards subscription-based membership, X-booster got their Carte Blanche on the market and very soon became the most popular fixed-price alternative to FitXR. With the price tantamount to 2 only months in FitXR, X-booster offers you quite a lot: high-intensity workout, custom music, playlists, and neat design.

How to play:

X-Booster is a creative mix of FitXR, Beat Saber, and Audio Shield - once you start the round, you can enjoy the main elements of those games. You slice the cubes; you punch the orbs; you use the shield to avoid fire. Punch as hard as you can, dodge as fast your legs carry you, and you will get the highest score.

Why X-Booster is a good workout:

Squat, punch, squat, slice, squat, duck - 10 minutes in X-Booster, and you will be glistening with sweat.

  • TIP: What can be more annoying when you are in the moment...but the headset is sliding down and the screen is getting blurry...Use this adjustable Halo strap. It will ensure a secure fit and ideal balance.

Buy Halo Strap for Oculus Quest on Amazon:

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8. OhShape

Rating on Oculus:

#legs #arms #full-body

Price on Oculus: $19.99

Workout type: Dance / Aerobic

Calories burned an hour: 400-500

OHShape cover image

Danoryl writes about OHShape on Oculus.com:

If you bought the Quest to "move your body," OhShape is the best. I wake up every morning willing to put the headset on and dance filling the holes in the walls :)

While most rhythm games have a lot in common, replicating the idea of hitting the elements and dodging the walls, OHShape is a very original VR fitness game that makes you feel like your body is a piece of a big puzzle you should assemble.

The amazing advantage of this VR fitness game is that it doesn't require a lot of space so that you can enjoy your workout even in a tiny bedroom.

How to play:

Fly through the carved-out walls and feel how each shape you take adds one more choreographic move to your fancy dance.

Why OHShape is a good workout:

OHShape is a gem for those who are looking for a leg workout VR game. Going through the endless pleiad of shapes, you unknowingly for yourself perform an endless number of squats and semi squats.

  • TIP: If strong, toned legs are on the top of your fitness goals, wear a booty band during a VR workout. The band will increase the amount of resistance applied as you stretch it while playing; it will light your legs and glutes on fire.

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9. Synth Riders

Rating on Oculus:


Price on Oculus: $24.99

Workout type: Dance / Aerobic

Calories burned an hour: 400-500

Synth Riders cover image

Stevorama writes about Synth Riders on Oculus.com:

Synth Riders is soooooo much fun. Choreography is really well executed. It will make you move for sure!

Synth Riders is a fantasy VR rhythm game that will swirl you away into the world of the '80s with its synth music and neon lights. The game allows you to play custom songs, make dance battles with friends, and of course, you will get an explosive dose of cardio.

How to play:

Hit the flying orbs, catch the trails, and dodge the walls. The game has Rhythm or Force mode. In Rhythm mode, accuracy is the king. In Force mode, the power of your hits is important, which gives it a vibe of a boxing game.

Why Synth Riders is a good workout:

Every track you are dancing in Synth Riders, features a unique choreographic mapping, making you always move in original ways. The songs are so vibrant and energizing; you are bound to dance your jam out, the endless functionality options allow you to customize a workout to your needs ideally.

  • TIP: Don’t let thirst destroy your mojo. Keep a bottle of water nearby to get refreshment between the rounds. This bottle will keep water cold for several hours so that you will enjoy every slurp during your VR workout.

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10. Beat Saber

Rating on Oculus:

#arms #shoulders #legs

Price on Oculus: $29.99

Workout type: Aerobic

Calories burned an hour: 350-500

Beat Saber cover image

Tones55 writes about Beat Saber on Oculus.com:

The game is simplistic bliss. It is a lot of fun to be able to jam out to music slashing notes to the beat. I recommend this game for anyone and everyone.

THE LEGEND of block-cutting. If you need a second name for Beat Saber you can name it like this. This rhythm game has become a VR phenomenon (just like Tetris in the '90s) and many players buy their Oculus headsets just to hone their skills in Beat Saber.

How to play:

Send your mind into a zen-like state while your hands are slashing the cubes by two neon sabers at lightning speed.

Why Beat Saber is a good workout:

To get more points in the game you will perform a wide swing with your saber (arm). Do you think this game is good only for an upper-body workout? Think twice! In Beat Saber, you will lose count to the squats and jumps as you will constantly dodge the flying walls.

  • TIP: Feel absolute badass in Beat Saber with these extension grips. The way you can hold them will let you flip your sabers about much quicker, which means you will leave all competitors in the dust.

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