3 FitXR-like games with fixed price

By Lena Tricolici

July 1st, 2021


Don't Pay $10 Monthly:
3 FITXR-like games with FIXED PRICE
(Oculus Quest)

We love FitXR. We burn a lot of calories with FitXR. But for many reasons (monthly subscription is one of them) we, VR fitness fans may need alternatives to this game. Explore this video and discover 3 boxing rhythm-based games that do not force players to pay for monthly membership but they will force you to work up a sweaaaaat!

All 3 boxing games that you will discover below, are rhythm-based like FitXR, they provide a very intense workout and their design and music are engaging enough to build your daily VR fitness routine.

All 3 games shown below can be downloaded from SideQuest and App Lab. Download them with several clicks and enjoy your VR workout without paying $120 a year.

1. X-Booster

Rating on App Lab:

Rating on SideQuest:

Price: $19.99

X-Booster environment
  • Intense full-body workouts
  • Custom playlists
  • 90 degree rotation mode
  • User-friendly futuristic design

X-Booster was released on the App Lab platform not so long ago, but it has already earned a high rating of 4.8/5, and after the FitXR update many Oculus players use it as an alternative to FitXR.

You can get X-Booster for $19.99 and what is great is that you can download a free demo to check whether the game is your cup of tea before you buy it.


Can you get fit from X-Booster? Yes! This VR fitness game has a spectacular number of orbs and bars flying on you in every class, you will do an endless number of punches, dodges, and squats. Even playing demo classes, I had such a whopping number of horizontal and diagonal walls that no one FitXR class has. Still, worried if the game can provide a good leg day workout? Believe, after advanced X-booster classes, your legs will be begging for rest.

With X-Booster, you will burn a lot of calories. (I burn 200-300 calories per session, but this is not the limit). You can check the calories burned via the built-in game calorie tracker, Move calorie tracker, or your fitness band.

X-Booster streak


The feeling of punching the targets and dodging the walls is very realistic in this game. The game practically doesn't have any lags and I found its tracking pretty good. The game also features a 90-degree rotation to the left and to the right - which is more fun and adds some variety to your sessions.


The built-in-game songs are pretty good for fitness. What is amazing is that you are not limited by official tracks - in X-Booster, you can use custom music. Just load mp3s tracks into the Quest music folder and enjoy your favorite tracks in the game.

Instead of new classes that we are promised to get in FitXR each day for $10 monthly, in X-Booster, we can make our own playlists with workouts and music we love. This freedom in music together with a user-friendly and beautiful design and high-intensity classes make this game my #1 alternative to FitXR.

VR Fitness rating: 10/10

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2. Hitstream

Rating on App Lab:

Rating on SideQuest:

Price: FREE (Prerelease)

  • Astonishing environments
  • Good workout intensity
  • Inspiring music

Hitstream is another VR fitness game that is a must-try for any FitXR fan. The principle is similar to FitXR - you have to punch the orbs, doing squats, dodge the walls and work up a sweat. Fortunately, Histream doesn't have a subscription model; more than that, to download it on App Lab, you don't have to pay a penny; it is a free prerelease.


HitStream offers various levels of difficulty so that you can vary a workout to your needs. The game encourages you to put force into your swings; the more intensely you hit the orbs, the more points you get. The overall intensity of HitStream is not as high as in FitXR, but the mechanics are motivating, and the game process is so addictive that once you finish your VR fitness session you are looking forward to starting another one.


Hitstream - hitting an orb

From all boxing games this one has the most unique and attractive outdoor design. Splendid natural game environments will make you feel absolutely in the zone and relaxed at the same time - it is what I would call "Meditation boxing". Just imagine - you are making your punches above the mountains, oceans, and green fields, isn’t it fantastic?


Nothing is more important in a rhythm game than music, and the developers of HitStream know it. Each level of the game has its original music track; each one is very energizing, fun; each encourages you to move faster.

Again, this game is prerelease, but the developer promises to release a perfectly polished paid version soon. Even now, in its current state, HitStream is a great VR fitness app with excellent music, great cardio workouts, and diversity in exercising.

VR Fitness rating: 9/10

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fitness bands

3. Song Beater

Rating on App Lab:

Rating on SideQuest:

Price: 14.99

Song Beater vr game cover
  • Positive and energizing music that inspires you to dance
  • Custom songs support; 60+ songs and videos included
  • 8 original environments
  • Unique handmade visualization for each song
  • Multiplayer mode available

As the developers write, Song Beater is a rhythm-based boxing game on steroids that make players reconsider their approach to VR fitness. While saying that the game has made a revolution in VR fitness sounds like a slight exaggeration, for $15 you give for this game, you get quite a lot. If you are not sure, you can try Song Beater FREE DEMO.


While FitXR is proud of their new multiplayer mode with built-in-game voice chat (which in fact is not a real multiplayer, but just a private room), Song Beater provides a real-time multiplayer with voice chat, global and local leaderboards, and you also can create a unique family party mode.

While FitXR offers 3 game environments for boxing, in Song Beater you have 8 different environments.

More than that, you can play in a 360 mode, you can toggle song speed, play with one hand, use the no-fail option, and toggle other fun options.

Song Beater vr game environments


To be honest, I think the mechanics of this game and boxing intensity cannot compete with FitXR. The orbs are flying on you too fast - it means that you do a lot of fast movements with your arms to hit them but you practically do not put force in your hits as you do it in FitXR and Histream. This is why, I think Song Beater can barely substitute FitXR if you are an advanced player, but it is a good addition to your fitness routine if you are a beginner.


Of all 3 games listed, the music in Song Beater is the most vivacious and positive, all tracks that I tried were so funny that I am always playing with a smile on my face. The game includes 60+ songs and videos and supports custom songs. Dance like you are on the dance floor with the music you like, box like you are in the arena - enjoy your workout as if it is your last!

VR Fitness rating: 8/10

Watch this video and learn more about X-Booster, HitStream and Song Beater:

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