Oculus Quest and Beat Saber

By Lena Tricolici

September 7th, 2021


10 Must-have
Beat Saber Accessories
From Amazon
(Oculus Quest)

If you love Beat Saber, get the most out of it! Amp up your sesh with these 10 Beat Saber accessories and slice those beats (and calories!) with even more fun and comfort!

1. Improve Your Swing Technique

Extension Grips for Oculus Quest

Extension Grips for Oculus Quest

Those who don’t dream of getting SS rank in Beat Saber are probably not Beat Saber fans. While others just dream, take action - become a Beat Saber master! With these stylish bad boys, you will perform the 90° swing easier, improve your technique, and achieve the higher score.

The 4.6-ounce weight of each extender will add to the intensity of your workout, and you will burn more calories. A win-win deal.

2. Feel The Ground

Super Soft Large Mat for Virtual Reality

Large mat for virtual reality fitness

A bump on your forehead won't give you any extra points in Beat Saber. To avoid hitting things, bet on this mat defining your play area in VR. With it, you will always keep yourself in a safe area so that the only wall you can accidentally hit is Beat Saber barriers.

3. Enjoy The Sound

Ergonomic In-ear Headphones

Colorful In-ear Headphones

The art of slashing the beats is all about the rhythm. Put on headphones, dissolve in good sound and let the music beats direct your sabers. KZ ZST headphones are lightweight, provide fantastic music quality, and wearing them is super comfortable. Enjoy your favorite Beat Saber songs to the fullest!

4. Keep It ALWAYS Ready

Illuminated VR Stand with USB A Charge Port

Illuminated VR Stand with USB A Charge Port for Oculus Quest

This charging dock may inspire designers of starship launch platforms, but for you, this high-tech accessory will serve a better purpose. Let it keep your VR engine always ready for the next Beat Saber journey. So pleasing to know your Oculus Quest is always charged, ready for you to whirl away into the Beat Saber world on a whim!

5. Track Your Progress

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fit 2 Fitness Band

SAMSUNG Galaxy Fit 2 Fitness Band

Hundreds of burned calories is a pleasant side effect of playing Beat Saber. Whether your main goal is to lose weight or it's just that you adore slashing Beat Saber beats, watching the growing number of burned calories on your fitness watch is so motivating.

Play it smart with Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 on your hand - monitor calories burned, and see your fitness progress real-time, right while you are exercising in VR.

6. Hit Blocks - Protect Quest!

Silicone VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Silicone VR Cover for Oculus Quest 2

Playing Beat Saber for an hour will make anyone glow with joy - and sweat. Protect your Oculus Quest from sweat, dust, and dirt with a VR cover. With this silicone face cover, you will keep your VR headset pristine clean, and more than that, using this cover, you will minimize light entering from the outside. Enjoy absolute immersion!

7. Keep Sweat Out of Eyes

Non-slip Breathable Headband

Non-slip Breathable Headband

You have missed the beat because sweat is flowing into your eyes. Are you familiar with this pain? No more sweat on your face, no more blurry screen, no more stress. This stretchable, breathable, non-slip headband will wick sweat and keep your hair in place no matter how hard you are working with your neon sabers.

8. Play As Long as YOU Want

Powerbank for Oculus Quest

Powerbank for Oculus Quest

How much time in Beat Saber did you deserve today? 30 minutes? A 1 hour? While other players let their headset's battery decide, you can play as much as YOU want, if you use this powerbank for Oculus Quest. Once you attach it to your Quest, you get the freedom to enjoy Beat Saber for lo-o-o-ng. Extra bonus, this VR accessory provides an additional counterbalance, which makes wearing the headset more comfortable.


Oculus Travel Case

Oculus Travel Case

Home is where you can play Beat Saber, amirite. Make any place feel like home - quickly pack your Oculus Quest in this elegant case and take it with you anywhere! Packing your headset in this compact, lightweight case will take mere minutes. Did I say it is shockproof?

Carry your favorite gadget everywhere without worries, show your Beat Saber skills at your friend’s party, take it on a vacation trip - enjoy Beat Saber any time and anywhere.

10. Play Hard - Relax Harder

Beat Saber Pillow

Beat Saber Pillow

Rest time is just as important as a workout - even if we talk of a VR workout. Take a breather on this cute Beat Saber-themed pillow. This Beat Saber accessory will not only inspire you to achieve new scores in the game but will also add a twist to your home decor.

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