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By Lena Tricolici

January 22nd, 2021


Fitness Tracker Bands in VR: Why Wear Them And How To Choose The Best

It is a common practice to use fitness bands when we go running or visit a gym. But is it necessary when we put on our headsets and exercise in VR? Explore this article and find out!

For many VR players, virtual calorie counters like YUR or Move are the only source of information about their burn calories. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal solution because virtual calorie counters show only approximate numbers.


Virtual calorie counters and built-in game counters are good for comparing levels and classes in the game itself.

As this experiment shows, the built-in FitXR calorie counter shows 3-4 times more calories than you really burn, YUR shows 2 times more, and Move calorie counter seems to be the most accurate. Fitness bands show more accurate data because they have access to your personal body parameters that are not available for VR headsets yet.

But accurate calorie statistics is not the only reason why it is beneficial to have a band on your wrist while playing VR.

Why it is good to wear a fitness tracker when you exercise in VR:

  • Take control of your VR workout.

    With a fitness tracker band, you will have more control over your workout. If you play VR games not for fun only, but your goal is to keep a healthy lifestyle, lose weight, get your body toned or sculpt your muscles, you need more control over your VR gaming process.

    A fitness band is your personal wellness and fitness assistant. It will track your workout data, analyze it, and will help you to properly plan your VR sessions and achieve your goals faster.

  • Track your heart rate, calories burned, and physical activity level.

    Wearing a fitness band is the easiest way to get essential data about your heart rate, calories burned, physical activity, and health state.
  • With a fitness band, you will know which games and classes are more useful for you.

    You will be surprised that some VR games make you burn more calories than you expected, and vice-versa. With a fitness band, it is also easier to track how many calories you burn on average. Based on it, you can realize if you should try harder or work on your technique.

    For instance, if you burn fewer calories than you expected in Beat Saber, you may want to do a wider angle of slicing the beats to work more with your arms.

  • Achieve your fitness goals and stick to a certain workout plan.

    With a fitness band, it is easier to achieve your fitness goals as you can set a daily workout plan on your band, and the gadget will remind you when it is time for the next session.

How to choose a fitness tracker for VR fitness?

VR is a stationary exercise, and the majority of VR games are based on cardio of moderate or low intensity. That is why you will not need a GPS or a pedometer on your fitness band. The only thing that, in fact, is the most necessary is heart rate tracking and activity tracking.

If you are limited on budget, but you are looking for something simple, of good-quality and helpful not for VR workouts only but also for tracking running and strength workouts at the gym, get Galaxy Fit 2.

Galaxy Fit 2 fitness band

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Bluetooth Fitness Tracking Smart Band

Why Galaxy Fit 2 Smart Band Is a Win-win Choice for VR Fitness?

Samsung Fit 2 fitness tracker band and Oculus Quest VR headset
  • It is very sensitive to any type of movement.

    As you may know, VR is rich with fast whimsical movements, and this fitness band starts tracking your VR sessions right as you make your first move in virtual reality.

  • Galaxy Fit 2 is connected to the Samsung Health app.

    Samsung Health is a smart app rich with useful features to help you care for your health and achieve fitness goals (It is available for both Samsung and Apple smartphones). With Samsung Health app, you can track your VR workout intensity, state of sleep, amount of water you drink, heart rate, stress, the oxygen level in the blood - you will get so many insights into how your body works!

  • Galaxy Fit 2 has a sensitive AMOLED display.

    The one thing you need to see your VR fitness progress is to glance at your wrist. Even if you have 2 seconds before the next round in Beat Saber or FitXR, it is enough time to know how many calories you have already burned.

  • Swim-ready, durable and sleek design.

    The band is made of waterproof body-safe material - work up a sweat worry-free! The lightweight laconic design will complete a stylish sports look. Galaxy Fit 2 has over 70 watch faces - find the interface that will perfectly fit your mood today!

  • Astonishing battery life.

    The battery lasts up to 15 days on a single charge.

Grab Your Galaxy Fit 2 Smart Band on Amazon:

Many Samsung Fit 2 fitness tracker bands

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